Pierce Aerospace and DroneShield Partner, Integrating Advanced Remote ID and C-UAS Technologies

Pierce Aerospace and DroneShield Partner, Integrating Advanced Remote ID and C-UAS Technologies

February 09, 2022, Indianapolis, IN and Warrenton, VA — Pierce Aerospace announced a partnership with C-UAS (Counter-UAS or Counterdrone) idustry leader DroneShield, to integrate Pierce Aerospace’s Flight Portal ID, Remote ID technologies into DroneShield’s C-UAS and Command and Control systems, including DroneSentry-C2.

DroneShield, wih offices in the United States and Australia, and presence in over 100 countries globally, is a leader in C-UAS technology with a recent recommendation from the U.S. DOD’s Joint C-sUAS Office (JCO) and numerous systems deployed worldwide. DroneShield customers range from the United States Air Force to Australian Defence Force and multiple European defense agencies. The two companies announced a partnership to integrate Pierce Aerospace’s Flight Portal ID, Remote ID technology suite, into DroneShield’s products to provide enhanced situational awareness to DroneShield end users. This integration gives end users advanced UAS identification capabilities that were previously not available. These joint capabilities will be available to customers in 2023.

“We’ve worked with DroneShield for a few years at private and DOD-sponsored C-UAS integration events,” said Aaron Pierce, CEO of Pierce Aerospace. “DroneShield has been a consistent advocate for our capabilities, and their technologies offer a great platform for integration. Their C-UAS systems are proven, and I’m excited to see end users work with an integrated solutions package that pairs radio frequency based detect and defeat, innovative command and control, and our Remote ID and Combat ID capabilities.”

Past Pierce Aerospace and DroneShield work has combined the company’s Remote ID and RF defeat technologies in dismounted, on-the-move, and fixed-site C-UAS experiments. The inclusion of Flight Portal ID’s Remote ID data feeds into DroneShield’s DroneSentry-C2 system enables end users to correlate and positively identify UAS, enhancing security operations by providing a holistic air picture with target discrimination.

“The integration of Flight Portal ID and DroneSentry-C2 provides users with the comprehensive picture needed to deconflict their airspace, maintain safe flight operations for both crewed and uncrewed aircrafts, while also having the real-time intelligence and means necessary to protect that airspace,” commented Matt McCrann, CEO of DroneShield LLC. “It’s a game changer - not only for security and Counter-UAS adoption, but this joint capability also addresses key requirements for effective Unmanned Traffic Management and serves as an enabler of Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) initiatives.” 

The combined technology has a wide range of end user applications, as Unmanned Traffic Management and C-UAS solutions continue to merge for a number of user segments, across civilian Government, military, and private use cases. 

Flight Portal ID, Pierce Aerospace’s UAS Remote ID technology suite, consists of Remote ID receivers, broadcast modules, software, integration capabilities, and remote administration services. Flight Portal ID offers market-leading Remote ID solutions and has an integration service record with nearly a dozen commercial unmanned traffic management (UTM), detect and avoid (DAA), and DoD command and control (C2) and C-UAS systems. Commercial and government solutions are available for integration with C-UAS, UAS OEMs, and UTM providers.

About Pierce Aerospace Inc.

Pierce Aerospace, a Techstars-backed company, is a Remote ID service provider focused on practical and robust integration of Remote ID services into the UAS ecosystem. Pierce Aerospace serves on the Drone Safety Team, ASTM F38 Committee on Unmanned Aircraft Systems, and the FAA’s Remote ID Cohort as an industry leader. Funds from the US Air Force and the State of Indiana support Pierce Aerospace’s Remote ID technology - previously nominated as Indiana’s Innovation of the Year by Techpoint and awarded first place in Remote ID technology at AUVSI’s Xcellence Awards. Pierce Aerospace is headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana, The Racing Capital of the World. Visit www.pierceaerospace.net.

About DroneShield

DroneShield develops multi-mission, multi-domain Counter-UAS (C-UAS or C-UxS) solutions leveraging RF sensing, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Sensor Fusion, and Electronic Warfare expertise.

DroneShield’s solutions provide situational awareness and protect our customers across defense, government, law enforcement, and critical infrastructure worldwide from the threats of unmanned and autonomous systems.  

From offices in Sydney, Australia and Warrenton, Virginia and with its team of talented engineers, DroneShield offers both tailored and commercial-off-the-shelf solutions designed for flexible deployments and industry leading performance. To learn more, visit https://www.droneshield.com/

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