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Pierce Aerospace

Flight Portal ID

Remote identification of drones is the linchpin to enabling advanced and complex operations in airspace systems throughout the world.  Without remote ID, beyond visual line of sight operations, drone delivery, and operations over people will continue to be uncommon. Public safety, the military, homeland security, and civilian aviation authorities see remote ID as critical to not only integration of drones into the national airspace but as a critical component of accountability and threat assessment.

Pierce Aerospace’s Flight Portal ID provides a secure authentication system for remote ID for both civilian and military applications. As a service provider, we work with UTM providers, civilian aviation authorities, manufacturers, and government agencies to provide a critical component of the remote ID ecosystem.


Authenticated identification is a key to ensure that a drone is who they say they are.



Based on the identity or non-identity of a drone, personnel can assess the relative risk of the drone.



Personnel can now make an informed decision as to whether to mitigate the drone.

For this industry to flourish commercially and be of public service, all aircraft—unmanned or otherwise—must be identifiable.

Daniel Elwell, Acting Administrator FAA