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What is Remote ID?

Upcoming FAA regulations require Remote Identification of UAS weighing from .55 - 55lbs. Pierce Aerospace offers Remote ID Beacons, Receivers, and Remote ID integrations for UAS OEMs, C-UAS, C2, and UTM providers. Solutions are available for consumer, enterprise, and government stakeholders.

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Pierce Aerospace’s Flight Portal ID technology is going to be one of the best of breed Remote ID protocols in the very near future.

Robert Menti, Senior Manager BD at Northrop Grumman

It is in the opinion of Altitude Angel that Pierce Aerospace is an optimal integration partner via their distinct and focused expertise in Remote ID.

Philip Binks, Head of Air Traffic Management at Altitude Angel

"Pierce Aerospace’s Remote ID technology is essential to enable safe and scalable BVLOS operations for social and commercial purposes. Redwing’s experience with drone delivery combined with Pierce Aerospace’s Remote ID technology is an important milestone for repetitive commercial deliveries."

Philip Binks, Head of Air Traffic Management at Altitude Angel

United States Government

Sole Source Procurement

Pierce Aerospace has successfully completed competitive processes and holds multiple sole source Remote ID awards and SBIR rights for ease of procurement of products and services across the United States Government.

US Navy Seaport contracts are available for providing support and services to the US Navy and US Marine Corps.

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