Part 107 - Time to Study!

Part 107 goes “live” on Monday, meaning that a lot of you will be out taking your first remote pilot in command tests next week. Naturally, we assume a lot of folks will be cramming this weekend.

No need to fret or worry though! Here is a link that provides all of the study information from the FAA. Look under the “Suggested Study Materials” heading.

Just hearing about Part 107? We’ll fill you in.

Part 107 is a new certification from the FAA that will allow small unmanned aircraft systems (sUAS – your “drone”) to be operated in the National Airspace System under a common set of rules.

What does this mean for you as a future Part 107 pilot?

Roofing inspection – check. Flying over a farm field – check. Surveying and mapping – check. Real estate aerial video – check. It is game on for many of you out there. You will still have to comply to the rules and regulations set forth in Part 107 though. There are limitations. You cannot fly beyond line of site, fly above 400 feet, fly at night, or fly over people (unless you have a waiver).

Here’s a link that outlines the entire rule.

The FAA’s boss, Michael Huerta, will even be giving a live stream briefing about Part 107 on Monday at 11:45AM EST. We suggest checking it out.

We wish the best to all of you studying and encourage those just learning of Part 107 to hit the books. You’ll be legal in no time at all. Study hard, keep the coffee flowing, and be sure to let us know how you did by #logyourjourney. You can also sign up for our Flight Portal beta where you can track your flying and stay in compliance regarding record keeping.