Welcome to Pierce Aerospace and our drone logbook - Flight Portal. The unmanned aerial system or "drone" industry is experiencing exponential growth around the globe. These new flying vehicles are changing the way the world works while giving new opportunities for hundreds of thousands of businesses and pilots. We will soon see drones make a profound impact in package delivery, agriculture, streaming internet, and many other industries. 

Flight Portal is designed for organizations and pilots of all sizes. Whether the flight is manual or autonomous, Flight Portal can easily and quickly handle complex information management and provide one-button compliance reports to regulators.

For the first time ever, pilots will be able to house all of their flight information in one location, even if they work for multiple employers or fly in their backyard. Enterprise users can keep track of personnel and equipment with robust resource management. No other toolkit is as diverse or easy to use as Flight Portal.

Flight Portal is supported by the Academy of Model Aeronautics - the oldest, largest, and most influential unmanned aviation association in the world. Our commitment to honor the AMA will produce the finest toolkit to all pilots and businesses, no matter what you fly.

Be sure to sign up for the Flight Portal Beta and #logyourjourney.